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The Fabric of our lives is woven from the threads of our experiences, the places we have been, the people that we have met and the things we have seen and done. Whether it is scrambling over rock pools in search of crabs, snuggled up in the comforting embrace of home, emerging transcendent into a secluded forest glade serenaded by bird song, or simply relaxing with an awfully nice cup of tea. These emotionally charged occasions are intrinsically locked in our memories. The Mulled Wine - mulled wine diffuser. Picture Christmas Eve festivities - a simmering pot of warm wine on the stove, glasses clinking while the scent of Christmas fills the air. Top notes: Warm Wine, Sweet Berries. Heart notes: Bay, Cinnamon, Ginger. Base notes: Vanilla

The Mulled Wine -Mulled Wine Reed Diffuser Refill

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